Monday, January 22, 2018

Meet Susie!

Susie graduated from our Bridge to Customer Service class in December and is now working as a Visitor Attendant at the Children’s Museum.

Susie started the Bridge to Customer Service course after months of looking for jobs that would let her work part-time so she could continue being a mother. Susie was tired of constantly juggling her work and home life and knew that something needed to change.

“The training helped me gain that push I needed and wanted for myself,” Susie said. Though she had worked in the customer service field for years, she had never had any formal training. During her two months at CLUES, Susie built her professional skills, getting her NorthStar Digital Literacy and National Retail Federation certificates. She described her education at CLUES as not only changing how she understood customer service, but also “how to approach things in the world and workplace. I learned to ask questions always and not be afraid to ask questions.”

With a fresh perspective and new resume, Susie was finally able to find a job that gave her the flexibility she needs to be a mother while being a working professional.

If you are interested in changing your career like Susie, then contact Scott at CLUES today at 612-746-3583 or